Your Real-time
Database Backup &
Monitoring Solution

Say goodbye to manual backups and data loss worries.
With MIRROR, your data is safeguarded as it updates,
ensuring you're always equipped with the latest versions.

Real-time Data Change Capture

Mirror is a powerful and versatile software designed to help you efficiently capture data changes across multiple servers and databases.
Whether you need to refresh your cache, monitor your queries, or ensure data backup,
our software has you covered.

Key Features

Multi-Server & Database Support

Seamlessly connect to multiple servers and databases,
making it easy to manage your data changes from a single interface.

Real-time Data Capture

Subscribe to SSE and receive instant updates on data changes as they happen.

Real-time Query Logging

Register queries as they occur in real-time, providing a comprehensive log of all database activity.

Query Monitoring

Monitor your queries in real-time, giving you full visibility into what's happening in your databases.

Multi-Platform Support

Whether you're operating multiple databases or managing various servers, Mirror has you covered.


Use Cases


Easily integrate into your applications to capture and react to data changes, ensuring your applications are always up-to-date with the latest data.

System Administrators

Ensure the integrity of your data and streamline database administration with our powerful monitoring tools, allowing you to maintain data consistency and reliability.

Database Administrators

Gain control over your database operations by monitoring real-time data changes and ensuring optimal database performance.

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